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artists TALK

  • Ryan Cassata Interview - Rough Cut Press

In Conversation With Ryan Cassata

I’ve admired award-winning singer-songwriter, actor, performer, writer, LGBTQ activist & motivational speaker Ryan Cassata for a long time now. I found him while scrolling through the Instagram #transman feed; his caption stopped me: “I will not stay silent.

By |February 1st, 2020|
  • Sylvia - Rough Cut Press

An Interview with Sylvia

This month, Sylvia (under the name Bcspatch) is releasing a utopian sci-fi concept album: Lucy Enlo Infinity Arp—a multimedia project that spans color and sound while tracing Lucy, a character who inhabits a world unscathed by depression and suffering. You can pre-order the album here. 

By |February 1st, 2020|

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