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In Conversation with Nnadi Samuel

Nnadi Samuel (he/him/his) holds a B.A. in English & literature from the University of Benin. His works have been previously published in Suburban Review, Seventh Wave Magazine, North Dakota Quarterly, Quarterly West, Blood Orange Review, Uncanny Magazine, PORT Magazine, The Cordite Poetry Review, Gordon Square Review, Trampset, Beestung Magazine, Rigorous Magazine, Blue Nib journal, Kaleidoscope Magazine, Stonecrop Review, The Elephant Magazine, Birmingham Arts Journal, Lunaris Review, Inverse Journal, Canyon Voices, Journal Nine, Liquid Imagination, Silver Blade Journal, Star*Line Science Fiction & Poetry, Zoetic Press, Subterranean blue poetry, The Quills, Eunoia Review & elsewhere.

By |April 1st, 2021|
  • Kim and Lily in Monte Castello di Vibio, Italy - Rough Cut Press artists TALK

You Are Enough: In Conversation with Kim Maxwell and Lily Brown

The story that you have is enough. The work that exists inside of you is enough.  The work isn't out there. It isn't some degree that you don't have. It isn't the house that you don't have. It isn't the perfectly scheduled day where you know exactly what you're doing and you do it all. It’s already there. You don't need to buy or do anything else in order for what you are to be enough, and good.

By |October 31st, 2020|
  • Adam Golub by Cid Roberts - Rough Cut Press Artists Talk

The Antidote for Rage is Nuance: In Conversation with Adam Golub

Adam Golub is an Israeli-American documentarian, media artist and videographer based in Brooklyn, NY. He completed his master’s in journalism at Columbia University in 2012 and the Collaborative Studio program at UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art in 2014. His film “I Was Here First” (2015), about the exodus of DIY art spaces from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, premiered at DOC NYC. His film “Skin,” (2017) a portrait of a young black trans activist in Rio de Janeiro, won Outstanding Documentary Short at Art of Brooklyn Festival and Best New York Short at Newfest, New York. His feature doc “Your Mother’s Comfort” (2020) premiered at Sheffield Doc/Fest and won the Grand Jury Award at Outfest, Los Angeles, as well as honorable mention at NewFest, New York.

By |October 30th, 2020|
  • Denise Frohman- Rough Cut Press - Artists Talk

You Never Know Who’s Watching: In Conversation with Denice Frohman

Denise Frohman is a poet, performer, and educator from New York City. A CantoMundo Fellow, she’s received residencies and awards from the National Association of Latino Arts & Cultures, Leeway Foundation, Blue Mountain Center, and Millay Colony. Her work has appeared in The BreakBeat Poets: LatiNext, Nepantla: An Anthology for Queer Poets of Color, The New York Times, ESPNW and garnered over 10 million views online. A former Women of the World Poetry Slam Champion, she’s featured on national and international stages from The White House to The Apollo, and over 200 colleges and universities. She co-organized #PoetsforPuertoRico and lives in Philadelphia.

By |September 21st, 2020|
  • Jen Richards - Rough Cut Press

The Goal Is To Be Forgotten: In Conversation with Jen Richards

We have a moral responsibility to become the most ourselves we can be. In order to do that, I think kindness, justice, compassion, empathy, art, truth, and beauty better facilitate our ability to be uniquely ourselves than do injustice, cruelty, acrimony, lies, etc. It is more of a function of how we fulfill our purpose. In that sense, faith and spirituality motivate my sense of justice.

By |September 1st, 2020|

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