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Born 1992, Ojai

Sylvia - Rough Cut Artist

Artist Profile


Born 1992, Ojai

I’m currently finishing a utopian sci-fi concept album called Lucy Enlo Infinity Arp, accompanied by a short story and visual artwork. 

I started this project in an attempt to write from a perspective outside of my own, and in the process to imagine a future where the modern concerns that dominate our lives were no longer issues at all. I even went so far as to include my character “Lucy” in my production sessions, booking times in the calendar for her and asking for her opinions on things.

I believe deeply that a true understanding of the world is lived, not observed. By working to imagine the future that Lucy lives in, I hope to take part in creating that kind of future by growing to understand my place in it.

You can listen to the first single and pre-order Lucy Enlo Infinity Arp here:



Lucy Enlo Infinity Arp

Issue 7: Discipline

Sylvia’s Art

“You don’t have to have an opinion on free will to agree on this point: the fact remains that humans exist in a wide variety of occupations on the causal/non-causal spectrum, and once you acknowledge that non-causal existence is as real as any “intentional” state, there’s no reason to separate the world of dreams, memories, reveries, ambitions, visualizations from any other experience in daily life.”

Lucy Enlo Infinity Arp

We first meet Lucy as she hangs by her fingertips from the top floor of her apartment building.

She’s not in any actual danger of falling; the inertia deflectors in the wall paneling would easily catch her weight and pull her back to safety even if she lost her grip, accidentally.

This isn’t her first time here, either. Lucy has been coming to the roof for a while now, whenever she wants to think. She usually just hangs for a time, feeling the tension in her forearms, the wind gently pulling around her clothes. She enjoys feeling the weight of her body pulled against her grip, the smell of the warm night air and the soft city glow around her.

Today Lucy is thinking about stories she’s heard in the past; how apparently, way back when, people in cities used to kill themselves all the time. Not that she’s ever had any desire to do that herself; honestly, now that she thinks about it, she can’t even really imagine what that would feel like.

Apparently some people would have the feeling for years and years before they finally decided to do it. Sometimes they would just be in the wrong mood at the wrong time, and end up flinging themselves, utterly impulsively. She wonders idly if they would do it something like this — just hanging off the side of a building. She wonders if they regretted it as they fell.

Even with no threat to her safety she gets a strange, blossoming tingle in her chest at the thought of just letting it all go. She keeps thinking about how strange it must have been to just give up and fall like that. How desperate people’s minds must have been back then.

Lucy Enlo Infinity Arp is a multi-medium project that spans color, sound and sci-fi.

You can listen to the first single, Infinity Arp, here.

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