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Artist Profile

Van Swearingen

Portland, Oregon

Van Swearingen

Artist Profile

Van Swearingen

Portland, Oregon

I’ve been making photographs for more than twenty years.

I have shot commissioned portraits, events, episodic video stills, interior design, architecture, and botanical rarities for scientific texts. This in addition to my own personal everyday wonder at the glory and misery that is our existence. I am compelled to photograph what catches my eye and my attention. Design, history, and intent inform my pictures to capture an instant of eloquence in balance, form, depth, and color. To look and to see.



“Billions of Stars”
“Imprints in the Concrete”
“Giant Hunks of Pink Glass”
“Meditation on Permanence”


“amethyst shimmer”
“spiraling pebbles in the path”
“A splash, a splatter, a rushing tumble.”


“enamel flow”
“electricity. a solar array. Macodes petola.”
“glass amalgam”
“forever enclosed”

Van’s Art

issue 23

Billions of Stars


Imprints in the Concrete

Giant Hunks of Pink Glass

Meditation on Permanence

issue 24

Blooming into the night sky

amethyst shimmer

spiraling pebbles in the path

issue 25

enamel flow

electricity. a solar array. Macodes petola.

glass amalgam

forever enclosed


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