We are holding our first written contest.

The theme is:

Duende - Writing Competition - Rough cut Press

According to linguist Joan Corominas, the Spanish term duende originated as a contraction of the phrase dueño de casa (or duen de casa). Dueño means owner/possessor. So duendes are mischievous possessors; tener duende is to have spirit.

In “Juego y Teoría Del Duende,”  Federico García Lorca writes: “Así, pues, el duende es un poder y no un obrar, es un luchar y no un pensar. Yo he oido decir a un viejo maestro guitarrista: El duende no está en la garganta; el duende sube por dentro desde la planta de los pies. Es decir, no es cuestión de facultad, sino de verdadero estilo vivo; es decir, de sangre; es decir, de viejísima cultura, de creación en acto.”

Susana Lezra translates this as: “And so, duende is a power not an act, a fight not a thought. I heard an old guitar master say: duende does not dwell in the throat; duende climbs up inside you, from the soles of the feet. This is to say, it is not a matter of faculty, but of live true style, of blood; that is, of ancient culture, of creating in action.”

Our word limit for this contest is strict; we want your duende in 650 words or less.

Please send us unpublished fiction, nonfiction, and poetry in either English or Spanish in a PDF file. We are looking for work with heart-stopping images, rhythms, textures; you can submit up to three separate pieces.

Finalists will be determined by a team of six editors ranging in age, background, and experience.

Winner gets $100.00.

Runner-up gets $50.00.

Honorable mention gets $25.00.

All submissions are considered for standard publication.

This contest will close on December 1st. Our “Duende” issue will be published on the first day of 2020.